Refund Policy

Credit: If a cake is undeliverable/retrievable due to inclement weather or other Acts of God, a credit minus the deposit amount will be given toward a purchase at a later date. Cancellations: Wedding and multi-tiered cakes must be cancelled at least 2 weeks in advance of the wedding date. The $100 deposit will NOT be refunded. Other Celebration cakes must be cancelled at least 48 hours before scheduled pickup time and a 25% cancellation fee will be assessed (Ex. Cake total is $90. $90 was paid to hold the date. Cake cancelled 48 hours before party. The ONE by Dee will keep $22.50 and refund $67.50 due to the likelihood that preparation has begun on the cake and other orders have been declined). Refunds: Refunds will ONLY be given due to irreparable damage done while the cake is in the hands of The ONE by Dee and/or at the discretion of the Owner of The ONE by Dee. Refunds will not be given for damage that occurs AFTER the cake has left The ONE by Dee premises. Once the cake leaves the premises it is the sole responsibility of the customer to properly transport and store the product on a level surface and under the coolest conditions possible. Because everyone cannot be pleased with every product, personal dissatisfaction with the cake flavor, subtle variations in cake colors or artistic design are not refundable. If the cake is OBVIOUSLY inedible OR undercooked, notify and return to The ONE by Dee with the uneaten portion of the cake within 24 hours.