"When It Has To Be Done Right"

Meet The One By Dee Owner, Delores Morris

Owner, Dee Morris, has been passionate about cake her whole life.  Since the age of 4, Delores has had a love for cooking and baking.  It all started when her Great Aunt Helen let her sit on the counter and help mix a lemon cake.  The cake went in the oven.  The smell was divine, but her mom picked her up before the cake came out the oven.  From that moment a desire was born—to bake a cake and actually get to eat it.  Delores has been baking cakes since then.  A 7th grade Home Economics class sparked a love for reading recipes.  Dee LOVES to try a new recipe, and in 2003 with the encouragement of her husband, she built her cake business around flavors that she loves. 

This passion for cakes is what Dee brings to the role of planning your wedding cake. She translates your vision into a cake that evokes emotions when seeing your cake for the first time, and smiles from your guests.  She knows the joy of the groom having his own cake that represents him.