How to Hire a Professional Cake Designer for Your Wedding

Congratulationson your upcoming BIG DAY! This is a very exciting time for any couple. There are so many decisions to make, and choosing your wedding cake is such a major decision. We, at The ONE by Dee, hope that you find this guide very helpful!


Hiring a Professional Cake Designer

  1. When you hire a professional cake designer for your wedding:
  2. You hire someone who can foresee your needs that you didn’t know you needed.
  3. You hire for the knowledge, expertise and experience that comes with a professional cake designer
  4. You hire for dependability and track record for delivering a great service
  5. You hire someone to make your cake beautiful and delicious
  6. Little do you know, you’ve hired one of the first people your wedding guests may encounter when they arrive. I greet them with a smile. I answer questions as if I was hired to represent for your event. I point them to the gift table, bathrooms, etc. They ask questions about my work. I treat guests politely, often when I am under THE most pressure ever. I may move chairs, straighten tablecloths, pluck lint that others may not have noticed in a hurry to get the venue ready.

You don’t just hire me to mix sugar, butter and flour. You hire someone to help make that ONE first impression on the most important day of your life.

When you order your wedding cake from The ONE by Dee, you have hired a professional with years of expertise and knowledge. The ONE who puts your special day first; the ONE with a track record of dependability and great customer service. The ONE who will greet your guests with a smile and take pride in setting up the cake for your special occasion. The ONE to make your cake beautiful and delicious.