Engagement Season


Ahhhh!  That time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day seems to be the prime time for engagements. It is SO exciting!  There are tons of plans to make and things to think about.  


Many brides to be want to say Yes to the Dress and decide on the bridal party.


First things first, set a date!  Then begin to get your vendors in place.  There’s always time to find the dress, but if there is no date and vendors secured for that date, all this planning can become a nightmare.


Get recommendations for wedding cake designers. Be sure to explore different cake designs and styles that suit your taste.  Schedule your cake tastings and consultations.  Gather quotes, so that you can make the best choice and book early enough to get the cake of your dreams.  


Wedding cakes are not cheap. They are not last-minute items. They are NOT just a cake!


Expect the wedding cake to be one of your larger expenses and allow yourself time to make payments or save, depending on the policies of your cake designer. Items must be ordered. Design plans must be made, so I suggest booking your cake at least 6-9 months before your wedding.  Some sources say 8 weeks, but that is cutting it too close for comfort.


Happy Planning!



1. Should each tier of my wedding cake have a different flavor?

Rule of Thumb:  KNOW YOUR GUESTS! I tell all my brides that having more than one flavor may result in less servings per guest. Some guests will feel the need to try each flavor; hence, they have more than one serving of cake. If you feel your guests may do that, here are some things to consider:

  1. Increasing the size of your cake OR just having one flavor for the whole cake.
  2. Add a groom’s cake for an additional flavor and servings
  3. Dessert stations or candy bars are popular with a variety of other sweet treats to supplement the cake
  4. When it’s gone, it’s gone: If this is okay with you, have your desired number of cake servings, in your desired flavors, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Be prepared for some guests not to get a slice of cake, if they aren’t quick to get to the cake table. YOU set the tone of your big day!

2. I want a BIG cake, but I don’t want a lot of cake left over. Ways to get the look you want without all the cake.

  1. Consider adding a dummy tier(s) to add more height to the cake. Be prepared to still spend close to what real cake would cost. Dummy tiers are not usually cheaper than real cake and can be more expensive than real cake.
  2. Have the cake placed on a decorative cake plateau to build up the cake. This could be a rented plateau or some creative way your event designer can elevate the cake on the cake table. Just be sure that it provides a sturdy and flat, level surface for the wedding cake.

3. What about a Groom’s Cake if my groom doesn’t like cake?

How can you represent your groom at the reception? We still want the groom to feel like he had equal consideration on the Big Day!  Even if he doesn’t like cake, you can have cake.  He won’t be the only one eating it; your guests will enjoy it. One way to do this is with a groom’s cake that represents his interests. Some brides go all out on the groom’s cake with a sculpted cake and heavy décor on his table that represents him. Some brides opt for an array of his favorite desserts: Aunt Linda’s pound cake, Grandma’s peach cobbler or his favorite flavor of simple, 2 layer cake.  It’s just a way to say “I love you and it’s your day, too!”

4. I’m having 150 guests.  Should I get MORE cake or less cake? Things to consider when calculating your cake servings.

  1. Consider your budget. If your budget will allow, get more cake, people can have seconds or some to take home.
  2. Consider your guest list and their eating habits: family, church members, friends and decide if you are trying to feed them extras or just enough
  3. Will there be a groom’s cake or other desserts to make up for having less cake than guests?
  4. Is there a heavy meal? Some people may not want cake after a heavy meal, some will.  If the menu is lighter, consider having more cake.

5. Wow! I never knew wedding cakes could cost so much!  What to expect when pricing your wedding cake.

Although you may have an exact number of guests in mind, your cake may be baked to serve a little under or a little above the number of guests. This definitely affects the pricing and budget.

Depending on your location and style of your cake, expect to pay anywhere from $4-$12 per slice for your cake.  Delivery and taxes will also be applied to the price of the cake.

6. Wedding cake design ideas:  There are so many beautiful cake ideas to choose from.  Flip through wedding magazines, search the internet.  Google the style of your event, wedding colors and just add the word CAKE….Shabby Chic + cake, Elegant + cake, Red and Black + Cake, Bling + Cake….You will find tons of ideas and you can always combine elements from different cake pictures. Every tier doesn’t have to be exactly as pictured. Some brides like an eclectic look, taken from a few different styles of cakes. It’s YOUR big day.  Pick the cake of your dreams and work with your cake designer to fit your budget.