5 Things to know before booking your wedding cake

He asked! You said “Yes!” Now what??

1. Date and time of the wedding: Your wedding cake designer will need to know this to be sure their schedule will allow plenty of time to prepare your wedding cake and plan for delivery.

2. Location and venue (also venue requirements for catering): Some venues have specific guidelines for catering and cake vendors. Be sure to find this out before booking your cake designer. Knowing this can save you from paying non-refundable fees in case your baker does not meet specific venue criteria.

3. Wedding Budget/Cake budget: Have a maximum amount in mind that you wish to spend on your wedding cake and groom’s cake. Keep in mind that your cake design and number of servings may require you to exceed that budget. Your baker can work with you to stay as close as possible to your budget.

4. Number of guests: How many guests you are feeding is one of the most important factors in determining the size and cost of your wedding cake. To stay within your budget, it is best to know how many guests you plan to feed. Also, whether or not you have a late reception, are serving alcohol, a heavy meal or finger foods, will determine how much cake you may need.

5. Colors and type of décor or design for the cake: Another very important factor in determining the cost of your cake is the complexity or simplicity of the design and matching the colors you have chosen for your special day.